ALL SHALL BE WELL (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)

Watch our VIVID ’20 live show

September 21, 2020

Our performance and Q&A session at this year’s (digital) VIVID festival is now online. Grab your VR glasses and immerse yourself in the experience.

Here’s the Q&A afterwards withh Niels and Bas:

Many thanks to everyone at VIVID for making the festival happen, to Haavard Tveito and Renata Portelada for making the breathtaking 3D visuals, to Rutger Drenth for the audio production and to Tim and everyone else at the Fokker Terminal for letting us use that fantastic space.

We desperately hope to take the stage at VIVID in Kristiansand (Norway) in future times. Stay Safe, All Shall Be Well.