ALL SHALL BE WELL (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)

Transmissions from a World War II bunker (day 45)

August 8, 2019

It’s been a while since our last transmission. Time for an update and to let you know why it took so long. We left off with a bit of a cliffhanger question: after losing time on day one, did we make up for it on recording days 2 – 5? The answer: yes and no.

Days 2 and 3

Day two started with a bit of a bummer, as the soundboard suddenly and mysteriously decided to shut down. It took a few hours to get everything in order again, but in the afternoon Vincent and Wouter finally could get to work. The idea was to first record all drums and bass tracks and then worry about the guitars on day four and five.

Vincent and Wouter are a special breed of musician, as they pretty much aced their recordings from the get go. After about four hours of recording we already had three songs on tape. Especially keeping in mind the length of our compositions, that’s not bad for (half) a day’s work.

The next day, Wouter recorded four more songs and Vincent three (as one song is without drums). Then Vincent added some percussion and we could put a fine point on all bass and drum parts. Quite a relief! Unfortunately though, we didn’t have any time left to set up our amps for guitars. So we knew we had two busy days ahead of us…

Days 4 and 5

Setting up all our amps and mics and finding the right sound took us another half day. Which meant we had 1,5 day to record all of Bas’, Niels’ and Jeroen’s guitar parts for all seven songs. Stress levels were rising.

The greatest moment: when we could cross another part of our list. Track done!

To recreate the live feel as best as possible, we recorded all guitar parts at the same time: with Bas, Niels and Jeroen playing together in the room. Things were going pretty good, but in the back of our heads we always heard the clock ticking. We didn’t really have any time for errors.

During the afternoon on Sunday (day five) we hit our low point. We still needed to record two full songs, and only had about two hours to do so. We were ready to throw the towel and pick a date to head back to the studio again. But somehow, we managed to summon the strength, find our hyperfocus state and we got the job done.


We were quite elated. That’s the ‘Yes’-part of the answer to the question if we made up for lost time in days two to five. So what about the ‘No’?

In the days since we left the studio, we took some distance to clear our heads. We all went to the Czech Republic to see Vincent get married (congratulations!).

All Shall Be Wed

Then we went through all the recordings and have been making small edits in timing, and fixing little mistakes, so everything sounds as we want it to. But we found out that some of the guitar parts need to be redone, as they are a wee bit out of tune. It’s a bit of a road block that we hadn’t anticipated. But it is what it is. Next week we’re recording again. We’ll keep you up to date.