ALL SHALL BE WELL (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)

Transmissions from a suburban primary school (day 60)

August 23, 2019

As we mentioned in the last post, after rigorously going through all recordings it became clear we needed to re-do some of the guitar parts. Back to the studio! This time though, we didn’t go back to our World War II bunker, but got to set up shop in a primary school.

Come again?

In his regular job, Vincent teaches at a primary school. We’re at the tail-end of the summer, so his school was still closed, making it the perfect location for us to crank the volume of our amplifiers.

Setting up the control room

Niels, Joene and Bas re-recorded some parts and a did a couple of overdubs. After a long saturday of work, we can happily confirm we have everything we want on tape. Apart from one last glockenspiel part, that is. The good news is we’re now very close to actually starting the mixing process.

Our new album revolves, more so than previous ones, around one single theme, where the threads of all songs are connected. We’ll get deeper into the concept of the record in due time, for now we can tell you it deals with one large anxiety or apprehension everyone in the band is dealing with at the moment in one form or another: the devastation we’re causing our planet, and the worry of how we will overcome it. These last few days are particularly scary, seeing the Amazon set ablaze. Here’s a good article that explains what’s happening and, importantly, what you and us can do about it:

13 Photos Explain What’s Going On In The Amazon And What You Can Do

Thanks for your time and we’ll have new updates on the record soon.