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Things you did not know + things we love about BLAUWGEEL (3/5)

November 7, 2019

This week marks the fifth birthday of BLAUWGEEL, our second record. To celebrate, we are sharing a bunch of memories of making the record. And of course, since it is a celebration, we’re treating you to a huge discount on our entire catalogue. Like, a huuuuuuge huuuuuge discount (scroll down).

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Things you did not know about BLAUWGEEL #3

“I Do Not Belong” is probably one of the louder songs on the album. But did you know that (part of) its origins are actually anything but?

Shortly after we released ROODBLAUW in 2011, we started a project called ’30 Second Compositions’, where every month we would release a new composition (roughly) 30 seconds long. We kept that up for 33 consecutive months. One of those compositions (#3) is a solitary piano piece.

When we were trying to figure out where to take this song we stumbled upon 30SC #3 again and decided to rewrite the piano part to a full on band piece. which you can hear at the 4:04 mark of “I Do Not Belong”, on BLAUWGEEL.

We also briefly flirted with singing the words of the title in the roaring chord progression at the end, but abandoned the idea before ever properly trying.

Things we love about BLAUWGEEL #3

We’re well aware that in the grand and even not-so-grand scheme of things we are hardly a blip on the radar. That doesn’t stop us from looking back at things we’ve done and achieved and be left with a sense of gratitude and pride. And making and releasing BLAUWGEEL has really opened some doors for us we had not anticipated.

We got to go to Italy to play our new songs. We got to go on our first tour to Germany, Denmark and Norway. We got to go to China. At least one of those opportunities was directly linked to this Arctic Drones review of BLAUWGEEL, that still makes us blush.

And now for the best part:

To celebrate BLAUWGEEL’s fifth birthday, until the end of the year all orders on our entire merchandise catalogue get a 50% discount. Just use discount code blauwgeel5 at checkout. All items are sold through our Bandcamp store.