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ROODBLAUW 10 year anniversary t-shirt

March 22, 2021

In exactly one month, ROODBLAUW turns 10 years old. To celebrate the anniversary of our debut album, we are (finally) putting the cover artwork on a t-shirt. Kind of insane that never happened before! ROODBLAUW is still quite dear to our hearts, as it introduced us to so many of you (and vice versa, obviously). Over the years we have seen many people use the bear and astronauts as their profile picture on social media, which always makes us smile. All the more reason to put this design on a t-shirt.

These are organic, fair trade shirts, silkscreened with water based inks, for a beautiful and sustainable printing result. Water-based ink provides the softest prints with a beautiful matte finish. The ink sinks into the fiber of the textile and is just as washable as chemical plastisol inks.

Available in these models:

Pre-order your t-shirt now, shipping starts the day ROODBLAUW turns 10: on April 22, 2021.