ALL SHALL BE WELL (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)

RB10: There Will Always Be At Least A Thousand Things You Don’t Know

March 27, 2021

ROODBLAUW 10 yearsWe’re counting down the days ’till we celebrate ROODBLAUW’s 10 year anniversary on April 22, 2021. On social media we already linked back to an older blog post we wrote about the first song on that album, “Mothers, Tell Your Daughters Our Music Is All Awful Noise And We’re Just A Bunch Of No-Goods”. Today we move on to the second track: There Will Always Be At Least A Thousand Things You Don’t Know.

Let’s start off with the oldest recording we have of it, filmed just after we finished writing it:

Look at how young we were. And how much taller our bass player was at the time.

We always regarded this song as our ‘classical’ piece. In a way this song gave us the confidence that we could make certain classical compositions our own, as we ended up doing on GEELZWART.

It took an incredibly long time for all the pieces of this puzzle to fall in place. We went to endless iterations, and almost wanted to leave it as a ‘guitars only’ composition. We were literally moving all different sections of the song around, shuffling them, trying to find the right order. The result is… history (but we’ll cover that song later ;)).

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