ALL SHALL BE WELL (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)

RB10 Outtakes: Before They Return…

April 18, 2021

ROODBLAUW 10 yearsIn our trip down memory lane, we’re also making a few stops to look at sceneries that belong to a distant past. Which is a roundabout way of saying we’re posting some songs that never made it to ROODBLAUW (or any subsequent release).

I’m guessing you have noticed we have a tendency for coming up with long names and titles. This particular song tops the chart in that respect:

Before they return, you should know, that saviours come and go. Before we forget what they had, before it is lost, you should know.

Yeah, that one certainly takes the cake. Here’s a video of the song that we recorded in our rehearsal space:

It’s a pretty up-tempo song, and quite unlike anything else we’ve ever written, I think. Truthfully makes me wonder if we should put this one back in rotation?!

We had a lot of fun recording this video. It’s a “first person drummer”, we made it by taping a camera on a helmet and putting it on Vincent’s head. This was before (decent) camera phones or small go-pro’s, so it was quite the challenge.

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