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RB10: *NEW* Music video for Once There Were Legions

April 21, 2021

ROODBLAUW 10 yearsToday we’re quite excited to share with you the official music video for Once There Were Legions, 10 years after the song’s release on ROODBLAUW. First the video, then scroll down for the story behind it:

As part of his graduation thesis for the art academy, Jeroen asked people to write down their visual experience, while listening to ‘Once There Were Legions’ or at least one of the first demo’s we recorded for ROODBLAUW. The thesis itself is way too lengthy – and might bore you to bits – so we wont bother you with its conclusive words. Luckily he combined the resulting imaginations described and molded the most common elements / imaginations to create a story, which he then turned into his first (and according to Jeroen also his last) rotoscope animation.

The result we would (later on) use in our live shows as it was intended: as background visual (although with some red and blue added). We present you the original. NFT anyone?

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