ALL SHALL BE WELL (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)

RB10: Forgot Yesterday, Am Today And Will Be Tomorrow

April 4, 2021

ROODBLAUW 10 yearsWe’re counting down the days ’till we celebrate ROODBLAUW’s 10 year anniversary on April 22, 2021. Today we’re taking a look back at the fourth song on the album: Forgot Yesterday, Am Today And Will Be Tomorrow.

Knowing how this track turned out, it might be hard to believe, but at one point in time this song was an 8+ minutes journey that ended in (arguably) our heaviest crescendo ever. It never felt completely satisfying and right, though, and so we ended up with the initimate version that it is now.

Last year when the pandemic hit, we wanted to make a little video that felt ‘zen’. Since the title of this song sounds like a mantra, and the simple melody that rings throughout like a meditation on that mantra, of course we had to use this song and this song only:

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