ALL SHALL BE WELL (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)

Our guiding principles

September 5, 2019

We started the band back in 2008. Since it took us three years to release our debut (in 2011), we obviously needed some time to get our act together. Before we had actually written a bunch of songs, we did something that is probably close to unique for a music band: we wrote a vision/mission statement, laying out what we wanted to achieve.

These weren’t achievements in the sense of ‘we want to sell this many albums, go on this many tours or play these festivals’. It was something much more fundamental: we wrote down what we want to add to the world and what we want our music to mean. We can distill that mission down to three guiding principles, that remain at the centre of everything we have done since and will ever do in the future. Today, we’d like to share those principles with you.

We perform stories

We think of our music as stories, rather than songs. It’s our goal to take you on a journey. If you listen to our music, close your eyes and start seeing images directed by the music, then we’ve succeeded. But viewing what we write as stories, also allows us to more easily branch out into other artistic disciplines. We do not only tell our stories through music, but also through our artwork, our live visuals, our song titles and more. It’s why we were making Instagram collages way before we saw anyone else do it.

Instagram collage

On BLAUWGEEL we started our ‘Storytellers’ experiment, in which we asked our listeners to send us short stories. We chose one and wrote a song based on it. You can read the story by Amanda Andrei here. Listen to Buko (Storytellers) on BLAUWGEEL to hear the result.

When we were in China, our tour manager Stan said: “In a way, you are more an art collective than a music band.” We love that sentiment. Music is always at the core of what we do, but without everything mentioned above, it’s not complete.

Connecting is everything

This works on multiple levels.

It’s about the body of work we’re producing: we want everything to connect. You can see this most clearly in our album titles: from ROODBLAUW to BLAUWGEEL to GEELZWART. (You should be able to deduce the first half of our upcoming album’s name.) But it’s also this desire to conceptually connect everything that helps us tell our stories in a deeper sense, by not feeling limited to one discipline and by embracing the creativity of others (here’s an example that we’re still fond of).

But, maybe even more importantly, we also believe strongly in making connections with our listeners. We want to have as personal a relationship with you as possible.

The biggest way in which we try to achieve a real connection with our audience, is through our third guiding principle..

Openness allows depth

We believe in transparency. We enjoy giving you insight into our writing process, and sometimes even making you a part of it. One of the ways we are currently trying to make this happen is through our New Music Whatsapp List. We’re not afraid of giving you space to give honest feedback. We live and learn together.

We think and hope you will see these principles reflected in the new album we’re working on. It’s our most ambitious one yet, in terms of concept, storytelling and making connections. Can’t wait for you to hear it.