ALL SHALL BE WELL (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)

One Day I Will Find the Right Words and They Will Be Simple

March 16, 2020

Now that the album is out, we want to take the opportunity to guide you through the songs and give you some background info on all of them. Today: One Day I Will Find the Right Words and They Will Be Simple.

➡️ Let Me Steer, As I Am the Bigger Captain
➡️ I Will Guide You Over Oceans and Across Troubled Lands
➡️ We Are All, In All Places, Strangers and Pilgrims, Travelers and Sojourners
➡️ Beyond Us, Only Darkness
➡️ Nothing To Go Home To, Nothing There To Come Home For, No Home To Return To

The second-last track of the album, but the second song we wrote. If you watched last night’s livestream of our live visuals with us, you will have seen that the visuals for this song actually feature A LOT of words, most of them not so simple. They do feel ‘right’ to us however.

It’s the poem ‘Darkness’, by Lord Byron. Written in 1816, which was known as the ‘year without summer’, because (quoting Wikipedia here) “Mount Tambora had erupted in the Dutch East Indies the previous year, casting enough sulphur into the atmosphere to reduce global temperatures and cause abnormal weather across much of north-east America and northern Europe.”

A still from the visual

For each song of the album, we made individual artwork. All of them centered around the same theme and adhering to the same visual principles. Here’s the artwork for ‘One Day’:

One Day I Will Find the Right Words and They Will Be Simple

As with the cover art of ZWARTGROEN itself, all the images used are from the public domain Rijksmuseum archive. Here are all the original art pieces that we used:

Saucer-dish with flower scrolls on a black ground, anonymous, c. 1800 – c. 1899
the Wave off Kanagawa, Katsushika Hokusai, 1829 – 1833
Kimono for an Unmarried Woman, anonymous, 1920 – 1940
Zonnebloem, rups en twee vlinders, anonymous, 1688 – 1698
Portret van dichter Pietro Aretino, Cornelis van Dalen (II), after Titiaan, 1648 – 1664
Allegory of the Sciences, Gerard de Lairesse, c. 1675 – c. 1683
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