ALL SHALL BE WELL (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)

Le Rock writes about ZWARTGROEN (and we’re delighted)

January 28, 2021

From the shores of Chile, we got this really nice ZWARTGROEN review from Le Rock. Here’s a nice quote:

One of ASBW’s own tags that appear on bandcamp is cinematic. This concept can be woven into almost every post rock band. Sure, many songs of this style can be used in movies, series, shorts and even political campaigns, but not all bands manage to create a script in the head of the listener. Thats a quality for which ASBW gets a doctorate for this album.

Le Rock (translated from Spanish)

A through-line we see in most reviews of ZWARTGROEN, is the writer really trying to imagine the story we are trying to tell with the music. It’s really extremely gratifying for us to read. Dig in to the other reviews here:

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