ALL SHALL BE WELL (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)

Heavy Blog Is Heavy reviews ZWARTGROEN (and we’re scrambling for words)

March 13, 2020

Of course the old cliché is true that you first and foremost make music for yourself, but, damn, is it nice if other people enjoy it as well. The response to ZWARTGROEN so far has been absolutely incredible. We’ll link to the other great reviews we’ve gotten so far at the bottom of this post, but first please indulge us while we pull this quote from today’s Heavy Blog Is Heavy review:

Things just feel right, warm, encompassing. Verdant. Embracing. The entire album just feels this way and if this is not what we need right now, then I don’t know what is. Wherever you are, I hope you’re safe and home. I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’ll listen to ZWARTGROEN and perhaps, like me, find a certain balm in their music

Heavy Blog Is Heavy

You can read the full review here (you’ll need to scroll down a bit, don’t let it deter you).

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