ALL SHALL BE WELL (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)

Heading to the studio

June 24, 2019

We’re heading to the studio this wednesday to record our third full length (after ROODBLAUW and BLAUWGEEL) and our second release as a quintet (after GEELZWART). We’re doing things a little different than we did in the past.

When we were making plans to record ROODBLAUW in 2010/11, we made the bold choice to just do everything ourselves. So instead of finding a studio and an engineer, we pooled all our money together and bought a shitload of microphones and other studio equiment. We pretty much decided to jump off a cliff and try to learn to land on our feet on the way down. Which we did, for the most part. But it also meant we had to improvise a lot. Some of our decisions, looking back, can be described as outright lunacy. For instance: on BLAUWGEEL, Vincent recorded all his drum parts without any guide tracks. He just had a metronome in his ear and had to imagine all the other instruments. Certifiably insane.


Still, recording our first two albums the way we did has been very illuminating for us, as it helped us define what sound we want. It’s a solid base from which we can continue to grow. One of the downsides of being as DIY as we are, is that it takes time to get where you want to go. A LOT of time. I think we spent six months mixing BLAUWGEEL. Not full time, of course, but in between our regular day jobs and in the weekend. We learned a lot from it, but it was also exhaustive. Which made us say: never again. At the end of the process we were so eager to get it out there, that we just published it online as soon as it was finished. We didn’t really have any energy left to put together a plan for the release. We never even played a release show.


GEELZWART gave us the opportunity to do things differently. We went to a proper studio for a weekend to record three songs. Previously we never had the chance to record all instruments at the same time, simply because our equipment and rehearsal space didn’t allow for that. With GEELZWART we wanted to capture a distinct live feeling.

This time we are, once again, going to a proper studio, together with Mart van Hamersveld, who we met last year. It feels extremely luxurious that we have five full consecutive days to focus on getting everything on tape. We’ve never been in that situation before. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.