ALL SHALL BE WELL (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)


February 1, 2019

So, yes, #Democember turned into #Demuary, which actually sounds a lot better! A common cold knocked Niels, or was it Joene, might have been both actually, of their feet and into their beds.

After enjoying the festivities of New Years Eve we quickly gathered at our rehearsal space some days later to demo our songs for the upcoming album. It took us two whole sessions to records the five songs we have written so far in a way that we felt would give us a fair idea of what the end result will sound like once we have recorded it in an actual studio.

Joene worked his magic with some quick mixing, and then some serious individual listening and writing down feedback was in order. I (Wouter) personally love the anticipation of hearing the hard work of the last two years back in good quality recordings for the first time. Was all the hard work paying off? Was it really a solid backbone for the record we endlessly talked about making the best we ever made? I am actually listening to it now (just saying that in hopes of making some of you jealous, of course).

Two weeks ago we all took our feedback to the rehearsal space and spent the main part of our weekly rehearsal time to discuss the feedback and deciding on how to proceed. The good news: we were actually all pleasantly surprised by where we stand now with these songs. I find it hard to explain, but you never really know how much you like the songs until you don’t have to play them at the same time. We really feel these songs tell a story, which is very important to us.

Of course, there is still some work to do on these tracks, but maybe a bit less than we thought.

We also started talking about in which studio we want to record the album, when we want to record it, and with who. Exciting times, and rewarding to feel that we are making significant steps towards finishing our fourth album. We will keep you posted on how February goes, and we will even try to give it a catchy name so you come back to read our blog post about it!